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-IDT Long Distance ,...IDT - An expanding, facilities-based global network.
*IDT is a leading provider of wholesale and retail telecommunications services, using
our own network infrastructure to route calls worldwide. By introducing innovative
products and services, creating global business alliances, improving on existing
businesses, and developing new ones, we're changing and establishing how people will
communicate with each other throughout this century and into the next. It was IDT who
developed NET2Phone, today's leading provider of Internet telephony, along with other
innovative telecom and Internet-related businesses.

-Talk America , an integrated communications provider marketing a bundle of
local and long distance services to residential and small business customers utilizing its
proprietary "real-time" online billing and customer service platform. Talk America has
added local service to its offerings, after ten years as a long distance provider. The
Company delivers value in the form of savings, simplicity and quality service to its
customers based on the efficiency of its low-cost, nationwide network and the effectiveness
of its systems that interface electronically with the Bell Operating Companies.

-Tel 3 Com*, a facilities based telecommunications company that takes great pride
in its innovative long distance services. provides the lowest long distance rates
in the market, all without the need to change your existing long distance carrier!
*Most telephone plans can be confusing and misleading. offers its customers a
simple alternative.We offer the lowest cost long distance service available in the US,
without charging any activation or connection fees. Above all, there are no restrictions
on when our customers can use the plan. We provide the same low rate all day, everyday!
*With all the added conveniences of's online account management,
is confident in solving all your Long Distance Calling needs.

-Sunny-Mark Cell ,'s largest cell accessories on the web.Statistics report that
over a quarter of todays population owns a cellular phone; thereby increasing the usage
of cell phone accessories as well. To meet the great demand sells a wide
range of all cell phone accessories on the market. From earpieces, leather cases, battery
chargers, hands free to cell phone batteries, antennas, car holders etc. Sunnycell is
dedicated to offering great products at low discount prices together with superior customer
service. "Give your phone life" by visiting us at!

-Iscom Inc ,..founded in August 1997, Iscom Inc. provides consumers and businesses
worldwide with advanced communication solutions. Capitalizing on the latest and most
advanced communication technologies including voice over IP and integrating the
convenience and functionality of the World Wide Web, Iscom offers various services.
*Iscom's strives endlessly to provide the best service to its customers. Iscom monitors its
servers 24x7 to ensure highest availability of our services and maintains excess capacity
on its lines to ensure that your calls gets through the first time, every time..

-iCella ,...the best place to buy top quality cell phone accessory and wireless accessory at
low discounted price. Great selection of cell phone antenna, cell phone battery, cell
phone case, cell phone charger, cell phone holder, cell phone holster, phone headset,
hands free car kit, prepaid phone card and security system. Get free gift and free shipping
with purchasing cellular accessory and cellular phone accessory. We specialize in
supplying most complete selection of Ericsson accessory, Nextel accessory, Samsung cell
phone accessory, Nokia cellular phone accessory, Motorola v60 accessory and Motorola
Talkabout accessory. Some of our best selling cell phone accessories are Motorola
Antenna, Nokia 3360 Nokia 3390 accessories, Nokia Flashing Antenna, and Samsung
r225 Accessories. We are one stop shopping center for all your cell phone accessory needs.

-iConnect Here , the consumer division of deltathree, Inc. deltathree is a leading
provider of high-quality, hosted, private-labeled Internet telephony products and services
worldwide. Please browse our site to learn more about our company.*News*Press
Release*Investors*Business Opportunities*Jobs...check more inside.It brings PC-toPhone
functionality, Calling Card services, and the ability for customers to get their own
worldwide phone numbers to millions around the globe. Our high quality Internet
telephony solutions have become cost-effective alternatives to traditional telephone

-Get Connected*****,...founded in 1999, GetConnected Inc. provides a suite of
software solutions that facilitate the sale of wireless, broadband and basic telephony
services.  GetConnected licenses applications and hosts Custom Communications Stores
for its clients:  retailers, carriers, equipment manufacturers, e-tailers, and portals.  Its
applications showcase,, is the recipient of many awards and
distinctions, including being named to Newsweek's 103 Best Web Sites.

-The Mobile Republic ,..the Mobile Republic is an UK independant retailer and
so is best positioned to give you huge choice and best prices. We've developed strong
industry relationships which means we have access to the lastest products and services. As
with any Republic, the voice of the people is important so we actively seek your feedback
to make sure that our growth is shaped by you.*As an internet company our operation can
run at it's most efficient and therefore cut the cost & increase service to our customers.
This is basic principle that the internet model provides, which seems lost on so many. You
see, we're fed up with everyone's boasting about value, size and how long they've been in
operation. The fact is that the most well known mobile retail stores are NOT the best
value. Check to our pretigous partner, & compare!
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