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-Ring Central ,...Millions of people everyday select telephone services to suit their
personal and professional needs. We offer advanced yet affordable Internet enhanced
telephone services for the masses. Service Descriptions Internet Call Waiting and
Voicemail Services The BuzMe service targets the HUGE consumer Internet dial-up
market of over 60 Million households. Our subscribers can go online, surf the Internet,
and never worry about missing incoming calls again. Includes voicemail and phone
messaging services.Nationwide 800# and Professional Internet Enhanced Phone
Services Our 800-Works service offers exceptional value for professionals interested in
an affordable, private 800 number. Includes advanced telephone routing, messaging,
and voicemail services.

-Call Serve ,...founded by Paul Duffy in 1999, is the first European Internet
Telephone provider and one of the fastest growing businesses in the UK. *Based in
London, the Callserve headquarters hosts the telecom infrastructure that allows
hundreds of thousands of customers around the World, to make low cost telephone calls
through the Internet. *Callserve currently employ 60 staff with expertise in all areas of
the business including Technical, Sales & Marketing, Finance, Customer Support and
Commercial. For users without a credit card Callserve's sister company Phoneserve offers
a pre-paid calling card alternative. *Callserve enables customers to benefit from:
*International calls at significantly lower prices *High quality calls and service *NO
hidden charges *24 hour access to their account details *Talk and surf capability - on
just one phone line.

-Enhance Com ,...Enhancecom provides low long distance rates and easy-to-use
message management. Developed with home users in mind the convenience, efficency,
and savings will have you hooked. The Company operates the first nationwide real-time
IP network capable of high quality IP service, and develops the software-based
switching and signal processing technologies that make IP telecommunications
possible. I-Link delivers IP Voice applications to service providers and resellers as a
complete outsource solution that can integrate with our partners existing infrastructure.
These applications add new capabilities to pervasive tools such as phones, fax machines,
and pagers, while both reducing costs and maintaining or even enhancing quality for
our partners and their customers.

-Ring Phone , one of the leading providers of ringtones and graphics for Nokia
cell phones in the United States and abroad. Founded in 2001, not
only offers one of the largest selections of ringtones and graphics, but it is widely
accepted in the ringtone and graphics community as the easiest to use and most reliable
of all United States based sites in this category. Located in Wayne, Pennsylvania, (just
outside of Philadelphia) has assembled an impressive array of content
and technology partners, as well as a team of world class licensing agents and media
partners (we have more than 150 media partners world-wide). The result of these
combined efforts has been the creation of a world-class cell phone content provider that
is adding new users at an astonishing pace .

-ComTech21 , a nationwide telecommunications provider offering a full range
of voice and data services for business and residential customers. The Company,
headquartered in Wallingford, Connecticut, is an outgrowth of a company that was
established in 1964 and has been specializing in telecommunications billing and back
office services for corporate and commercial clients worldwide.*Whether it’s
business or personal ComTech21 wants to be your communications provider. We offer
competitively priced products and services and we pride ourselves on our direct customer
service. Our service is supported by five leading national carriers, and it’s with these
relationships that we will remain competitive and prepared for the future. Our
Management’s philosophy is simple: always emphasize customer service and
customer satisfaction.
**Our primary goal is to provide “Best in Class� products, services, and
competitive pricing to all our customers - Residence, Business and Agents.We are
pleased to be represented by our precious affiliate, .
Calling Cards

-goZing ,...service over 95% of the United States with its direct relationships with
AT&T Wireless, NEXTEL, SunCom, and SPRINT PCS. Unlike all other cellular
affiliate programs, if a customer is denied for their 1st carrier of choice, goZing will
attempt to approve them on other carriers..

-Cell Phone Shop ,...offers Cell,Aaccessories and card service,check for more

-ZapTel ,...we serve tens of thousands of prepaid phone card customers and administer
nearly 600 University programs.*Offering a vast selection of Phone Cards, Dial Around
Services and many other enhanced features, does the legwork for you. No
more trips to convenience stores to purchase prepaid cards. And no more wondering if
you're getting the best long distance deal possible.

-Calling Cards ,...has been in the business since the birth of the pre-paid calling
card in the USA. has established itself as a leader in managing the
Domestic and International Calling Cards for the consumers. We sell the most reliable
and dependable cards to their customers on tier one carriers, providing 100% Guarantee
on all cards.   At we provide phone cards to meet everyoneÂ’s need, or
your money back.

-Phone Shark , offer Instant Online Prepaid phonecards & wireless cell phone
products. All major brands in one place! We have services provided by Cingular, AT&T,
Sprint, MCI, Qwest, BTI, Ultimate Communications, Phonetec, Smartalk & Totalcall.

-Go2Call , a global leader in delivering high quality, low-cost VoIP calling
services to businesses and consumers in 170 countries.Over 200Million minutes carried.
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ComTech21 Long Distance Provider
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