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-Patriotic Pins ....Patriotic Lapel Pins-Military Pins-Flag Pins-Police Pins-Custom
Pins  "In Our Hearts Forever"10 Pins in memory of those who lost their lives on September
11th. *Individually Numbered Limited Edition of "1000"
*Certificate of Authenticity Included *Individually numbered Only 1000 made! Get yours
today! *U.S. Flags:Show your patriotism with pride. Wear the U.S. flag. 14 different styles!
Fire Protection/EMS Show your support for the Fire Department. 21 different styles!

-Sovietski Collection ,...Our company, headquartered in San Diego, CA, was
founded in 1992 shortly after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Mitch Siegler, the company’
s President, began traveling to Russia more than a decade ago and soon discovered a treasure
trove of Russian-made products which he felt would appeal to American consumers.With
Sasha, his Russian partner, Mitch began buying unusual gear, optics and military surplus
produced by large, military factories. They also discovered antiques and vintage artifacts, like
samovars, coins and silver tableware as well as enchanting handicrafts, like matryoshkas,
lacquer boxes and folk art, which they began marketing in the U.S. The company began
publishing the Sovietski Collection catalogue in 1994.

-Hollywood Mega Store ,We realize not everyone can make it to Hollywood, so we
have taken steps to bring Hollywood to everyone. Our Web site, www.hollywoodmegastore.
com, features 3,000 Hollywood products and is accessible to hundreds of millions of people
worldwide. We get heavy traffic from all over the world, a true testament to how universal
Hollywood has become.The Zahavi Family, owners of, also have
owned and operated four separate stores in Hollywood for 20 years and have developed a well-
respected name within the community for style, taste, management, service, hard work and
dedication. Through the years, their experiences have provided them with the ability to create
a qualitative and well-presented inventory for their diversified clients.With a constant eye on
the latest trends in the Hollywood and entertainment industries, the Zahavis have continued
to update their inventory and have retained the most recent licensed Hollywood specialty
items from Disney, Warner Bros., Universal Studios and many others.

-Historic Tree Nursery ,....AMERICAN FORESTS is the nation's oldest nonprofit
citizens' organization. Established in 1875, we are world leaders in planting trees for
environmental restoration, and have established conservation programs to preserve trees
across America. We have also been the organization of record for historic trees since 1917.
AMERICAN FORESTS' Historic Tree Nursery project is known for our innovative program
of propagating offspring from hundreds of previously identified trees of historical
significance. In 1996, we designed a new state-of-the-art growing facility which uses an
environmentally friendly ebb-and-flow irrigation system, one which doesn't rely on aquifer
water. The gutter-connect design also allows for rainwater collection, keeping over 50,000
trees growing without any significant water consumption from the pristine Florida aquifer.

-Collectology ,....30 million years ago the dinosaurs were gone and mammals ruled the
Earth. To see our what we've uncovered from the Oligocene. Fresh on the heels of one of the
most successful new product launches in years, CELESTRON is proud to announce the
NexStar8 GPS (Global Positioning System) Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope. Click here to
find out more about this incredible scope and other fine Celestron products available .
Zoologists classify the crab as a Crustacean, having many jointed legs and no bones. The
oldest fossil crabs lived at the same time as the well-known multi-jointed trilobites, about 550
million years ago. We've assembled a group of old and new crabs for your collecting pleasure.
Check For more !

-Speedway eStore ,....Looking for something unique? Great selection of name brand
collectibles including Coca-Cola trucks, clocks, bottle sets, and birdhouses; Mattel dolls such
as Barbies (Western Plains, Mann's Chinese, Curious George, and Cinderella), Elvis Presley,
Frank Sinatra, James Dean, and Ricky & Lucy; Disney dolls such as Snow White, Alice in
Wonderland, and Very Victorian Minnie; die-cast vehicles by Motor Max, Remington, and
First Gear; lunchboxes, bobbleheads (political, TV stars, music groups, NASCAR, armed
forces, college mascots, and movie characters), and John Deere collectibles. Also available:
refillable mugs, remote control vehicles, and some toys.

Fun to Collect ,....At Fun to Collect we specialize in carrying quality licensed
merchandise of well known brands that you are familiar with. As you browse through our
store you will also discover hand picked, quality collectibles and gifts that your whole family
can enjoy.Baby Bedding -Barbie and Friends - Beatrix Potter -Betty Boop -Big Pig Gig -
Blooming Wild - Blue Sky Clayworks- Cardew Teapots -Cat in the Hat -Classic Pooh -Cookie
Jars -Coots and Biddys- Cow Parade -Curious George- Disney Merchandise- Dr. Seuss -
Dragons -Fanciful Frogs- Garden Swingers- Guitar Mania  -Italian Charm Bracelets- Jim
Shore -Josef Originals- Kitchen Fairies and more...

E-Bay UK, ....Everything on Collectibles in Bay Store of United Kingdom.

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