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E-Commerce Solutions/Providers 8(03/18/03)

-Globat ,...hosts it's customers an a fully redundant, custom-designed network
infrastructure of brand-name equipment such as Foundry, Cisco, Network
Appliance, VA Linux and Sun. We are currently organizing our hostings accounts
on 1.2 TerraByte of redundant diskspace with nightly tape backups.*We own every
piece of our equipment and do not resell somebody elses service. We connect directly
into a global communications network unlike any other ever built - effectively
making it the most advanced communications platform in the world.

-NetZero ,...United Online, Inc. (Nasdaq: UNTD) is a leading provider of value-
priced Internet access through its NetZero, Juno and BlueLight Internet consumer
brands. The company’s services are offered at less than half the standard prices
of its major competitors and are available in more than 6,000 cities across the
United States and in Canada. The mission of United Online is to provide
consumers with high-quality Internet access that fits both their needs and their
budgets. United Online has a unique and efficient business model featuring
proprietary technologies that enable it to provide members and corporate partners
with a service that is designed to meet member’s individual needs.

-TtA Superstores *^,...TtA is a revolutionary way for anyone to become the
CEO of his or her own business. *Internet commerce sites like Amazon and Buy.
com have already changed how the world buys and sells. With TtA Superstores,
anyone can become an online entrepreneur. *Most commerce operates along a
simple line of reasoning: buy at one price; sell at a higher price. In between there's
marketing, overhead, and customer service. *But what if you could avoid that - all
of it - and just collect the profit? That is the revolution we call TtA Superstores!
*TtA Superstores provide not only the back end of your entrepreneurial endeavor,
but also the front end, too. You choose the design of the store and the price you wish
to charge. TtA Superstores will do the rest. We merchandise and warehouse a huge
variety of products. We handle the payment processing and even the customer
service. You just collect the profits! (Well actually, we send that to you, too.)

-Home Emplyed*,...World government reports indicate that more than 5.5
million jobs worldwide have been eliminated due to corporate downsizing in the
past 10 years- and an estimated 55% of all jobs created in the next 10 years will be
near poverty level. Even 90% of people in North America earn less than $40,000 a
year, and today's two-income families are not living as well as their parents..Check
this,inside for Your New Opportunity in Vision !

-Card Service International **,...is a global*leader in providing real-
time, secure credit*card transaction to more than 185,000*businesses in both the
traditional and*Internet marketplaces.Our company processes more than 180
million transactions each year and an annual creditcard/debit card volume of more
than $12 billion. *With more than 850 on-site employees, including a customer
service staff of more than 200 representatives, merchant support 24 hours a day, 7
days a week, in 140 languages and dialects, 295 agent offices and more than 3,000
sales representatives nationwide, Cardservice International is committed to its
customers and to provide complete merchant satisfaction.Contact here through our
prestigous affiliate,
TanMarket.com/e-commerce-solution-provider .

-Pay By Check ,...our mission is simple - “To provide secure, accurate, and
reliable check processing.�*Since our first service, i-Check, was introduced in
1997 we have continuously redefined the electronic payment industry. We have
developed a complete line of transaction processing services for e-commerce
including Internet checks, e-mail based billing and payment and various
verification processes. All of our services utilize existing bank accounts and bank
relationships.*PayByCheck was the first Internet check payment solution. The first
service with real-time validation, address verification and live support. PayBycheck
is the only service that offers merchants a choice of either paper or electronic
settlement. And the service offers live utilities where you can query, print and export
all of your account record information. While these seem like ordinary feats today,
they were in fact revolutionary.

-E-Commerce Exchange* ,..is a nationwide credit card processing company
with over 10 years experience in credit card, ATM, and electronic check transaction
solutions for entrepreneurs on the Internet, home-based businesses, phone order and
mail order industries. We offer merchants the ability to accept all forms of non-cash
payment, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club,
ATM, and electronic checks. Since 1989 we have grown from a home-based
business with two employees to over 150 employees and representatives in 17 offices
Exchange provides you with ALL the critical elements of an e-commerce solution:
*Merchant account *Shopping cart (if needed) *Payment processing software for
internet or retail store front *Secure server link for web transactions-
QuickCommerce. Many companies only offer you a merchant account or the
transaction software. You're stuck with having to find and buy the missing pieces..

-North American BanCard*,...as the leader in electronic payment
solutions, we know that the customer demands every payment option. *That's good
news for your business- credit card transactions will increase your sales by a bold
30%-50%! Factor in an increase in customer loyalty and impulse buying, and the
decision to accept credit cards is clear. But which credit card processing company
should you choose? How about the one with the lowest rates. Guaranteed.*99% of
all businesses approved in 24 hours!*Online Merchants. RetailersTelephone/Mail
Order Businesses.Wholesalers. Home Based Businesses. And More...through our
Best North American Affiliate,
TanMarket.com/e-commerce-solution-provider .
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