Credit Card Products 6(03/16/03)

-OCI-Online CreditInfo**, offers consumers a Free copy of their Personal Credit Report --delivered instantly and online -- plus a Free 30-day trial membership in the OnlineCreditInfo Credit Monitoring Program, a service that provides them with important information about understanding and maintaining their credit history.

-Credit Reporting, is a website for Evergreen Credit Reporting, Inc., who is a provider of credit reports and related services to users nationwide. Evergreen is a member of the Associated Credit Bureaus, Inc. which is the industry association in this country for credit reporting companies and credit bureaus. The Federal Trade Commission...strongly urges consumers to monitor their information at all three national credit bureaus at least once a year..

-Credit Card Consolidators**,...Are Bill Collectors Hounding YOU?  Are Your Credit Card Bills TOO MUCH?  WE CAN HELP!  Our Non-Profit Credit Card Consolidators can help you reduce your credit card bills and unsecured debt, FREE OF Charge!Just look at what Credit Card Consolidators can do for YOU! *Cut Your Debt in Half *Improve Your Credit Rating *Lower Your Monthly Payments by 40 to 60% *Stop the Annoying Phone Calls and Harassment *Totally Eliminate Late Fees *Reduce High Interest Rates *Consolidate Your Bills into 1 Low Monthly Payment.

-First United Group, We locate banks that will issue a Visa or Mastercard regardless of the customers credit history.

-Credit Axis,...We guarantee anyone a bad credit loan or credit card approval through our directory of little-known lenders. We also offer a unique credit repair kit and a do-it-yourself bankruptcy filing kit. Our information is applicable to residents of the U.S., Canada, and the UK. Our bad credit lender directory and do-it-yourself kits are all downloadable from our members-only area. Lifetime membership to our site is $29.97.

-American Express(l),.Learn about all of the benefits and rewards of membership
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-ADNS Group*** ,... Our mission is to make avalible to millions of people in financial trouble an ethical alternative to bankruptcy and a new start in life. American Debt Negotiation and Settlements, LLC was set up to help those with some type of hardship and lacking the funds for debt consolidation and credit counseling programs. The ADNS Group offers not only an alternative to debt consolidation and credit counseling but more important a solution to bankruptcy. Our program helps people with some type of hardship, pay off their unsecured debts, avoid bankruptcy and restore their financial integrity
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