The first steps of TanMarket go earlier in the Years of Post Communist Albania 1993-1994, where in Tirana - Albania,the Founder of TanMarket,has created his first Initiative :

TEC '94 (Tan English Center '94) - looking the 'appetite' of Albanians of learning Foreign Cultures and  Languages, Mr.Tan opened one of the First Albanian American Centers in that time.

Investing his knowledges and money on creating Special - Intensive English Courses,to respond the 'hunger' of  Learning English - West Cultures - International Businesses, Market Economy, Freedom of Speech, Entrepreneurship and more .

During his Time of regular job,he was teaching more than
137 students of different ages and involving them later on the Future Steps of Albanian Economy. Many American Specialists have taken part in his Special Courses to increase as much as could - The Ability and Skills of Albanians, to confront the Challenges of the New Era.

TEC '94 was the Avanguard of these BIG Challenges,that Albania was facing .

Appreciate the Great Efforts of Great Americans who have helped Mr.Tan Hyka and Albanians, with Their Courage of Facing the People in Transition. TanMarket is honoring them by name and their contribution to Albania.

Special Thanks & Appreciation go to :
Mrs. Martha Hundley      -    
  Certified Travel Consultant - Kentucky - USA
Mr. Richard Gibson         -    
   International Business Consultant - Winsconsin - USA
Mr. Gilbert Cazanave       -    
   International Tourism Specialist - Montreal - Canada
Ms. Elaine Reed                -    
   International Financial Specialist - Columbus - Ohio
Mrs. Lisa Hunter              -    
   International Banker Specialist -   NYC - New York USA
Mr. Doug Warner             -   
    International Affair Specialist - Boston USA


Euro - Hyka Association - was the second Powerful Association,created on 1995,in Tirana. It's expansion created what Tec'94 implemented in theory. Many Albanian Companies and Hundreds Business People have found this Association very Informative & Helpful on their affairs. Working in close coordination with many American Big Corporation - like Forbes.Inc, Pan American Corporation, Business LINX Malaysia, World Trade Center New York, ScanCraft Norway, German Gmbh and many Distiguished Companies.

The Period Between its foundation up to
1999,Euro- Hyka Association has created a great Albanian Network of Companies and International Presentation. Helping as much as it could to Improve the Image of Albania,to the Modernized World, as a Country of Great Hopes and Hard Challenges.

Euro - Hyka Association is Proud to have a Network of
60 Big Shareholders with Millions of Shares invested to International & Mutual Funds and directed by the Famous Billioners,Anglo - American "The Ganley Group of Companies" and other New York based " International Investment Funds."
Continuesly to Grown - We have created a Network of Big Landlords - Owners - Businessmen,to Facilitate the Attraction of Foreign Investment in Albania. Hope in the Nearest Future, Albania will have its Leading Role to the Region,as one of the Strategic Position in the Balkan and Albanian Goverment will be more flexible in INVESTMENT ISSUES. - is the other Powerful Organization - created in USA in 2000 as a New Era Development of Albania and Our Interests.
Dominating the Strategy and Prosperity of Mr.Tan and his idea for more Expansion in  International Markets and behind.
TanMarket has on its Network a Broad - of Albanian - American - Canadian - European Companies, which are Regular Members & Partners.
Now,TanMarket has its Considerable Albania's MarketShare of Information and Private Network.

Its Brand Companies, now are doing a Great Job around the International Markets :

Fashion in BlertaShop, is working closely with The Most Famous Fashion Designers and    Stylish Houses. We have selected the Most Beautiful "Top Fashion Companies " for this Season that are associated with the Prestigous North American Affiliate Fashion in BlertaShop.Fashion in BlertaShop is a division of, covering the Fashion & Design. It's affiliated with more than 300 Top World Best Fashion Companies. Offering to clients the Best of Extravagance,Stylish,Classic,Modern and a lot of varieties of fashion merchandises

2. Tan Group Canada, is the first Albanian Economic Group,established by Canadian Laws in Toronto - Canada. Our mission is to provide the best quality Services & Recruitment solutions to our clients & guests. We achieve this by contacting only the best needed & suited Services & Candidates according to your requirements & needs and by applying our unique selection system developed exclusively for your needs. At Tan Group Canada ,we are committed to continually seeking new and better ways to service you.

3. Tan Group Real Estate, one of the famous Real Estate operating throghout the World,with the "Last Word " System of Finding the Required Real Estate.

4. Special at NinaShop , is the American Dream to have Your Best Gifts for your Love One.

5. Tan Travel Agency, is online Travel Agency offering huge market,a new system of managing the Network of Travel & Hospitalities Services.

6. Albanian Economic TanPortal, is the Most Informative Portal of Albania,right now with Everything from Albanian Economy & History