About Us

TanMarket.com is an Albanian originated Company with close connectivity and activity, all over the World. It's done a lot of work,to be One of the Best,and Great Initiatives are placed, to Deserve  a Great Future of TanMarket .
Our Company many time is called as 'American Company',due to the high exchange volume of information doing with USA.
It's started in 2002,to be online and have reached dhe Peak of the Results of our customers,fans,amateurs,professionals of TanMarket.com

"Starting Small and Grow Bigger" - was the essence of TanMarket.com

Often many People have asked us ,for a profile of TanMarket.com,as a Unique Promoter of Albanian Economy to the West and as one of the Symbol on "How EveryOne can be SomeOne".

Thanks to continues support of our Great Partners,Customers,Fans,VIP People around the World,Common People etc - We are grown bigger and bigger everyday !

Being with Us - More Exposure to This Complicated World !


Mr.Tan Hyka

TanMarket.com Staff

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